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Canadian Simmental Association members have two options of processing work with the office, Total Herd Enrollment (THE) or registration/transfer fees.

Option 1. Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Option

THE participants enroll all active registered females in their herd for a single fee per cow on an annual basis. Yearly enrollment fees cover registration of single calf or twins, transfer of enrolled female, first transfer of calf born to enrolled female, embryo transplant calves and in-herd performance reports. Complete herd data submitted through the THE program is sent to the genetic evaluation and continues to be the driving force behind EPDs for the Canadian Simmental breed.

Option 2. Registration Option

Individual animal registration and transfer on an as needed basis. Weights are not adjusted, but day of age for weaning and yearling weights are printed on registration papers. Data through this option is not included in our Genetic Evaluation or in future maternal trait EPD development or other research projects.

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